Social Media Helps Health Care Providers Keep Their Patients In the Know

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Social media is a phrase that a few years ago was a relatively unknown. Now with websites such as Facebook and Twitter, millions of people log onto these sites everyday to keep up to date with friends and follow the lives of celebrities. The phrase “social media” has become a buzz word in households across the world. These sites are used everyday by people to reconnect with old friends as well bring people together from all over the world and they are unlike anything we have ever seen before. Today there are over 500 million Facebook users while Twitter will top 200 million users early in 2011. With the success of the movie “Social Network” neither one of these sites show any signs of slowing down.

With the amount of people using these sites, companies across the world have tapped into this tremendous opportunity to market their business by running social media campaigns. As radio did in the 1920’s and 1930’s, and television did in the 50’s, social media has become the new craze for companies. With the millions of people logging in to these websites everyday there are very few ways that are more successful to get your advertising message across. The future of social media is limitless. In the years to come we can expect to see everything from advertising to political campaigns played out over this new technology – even President Barack Obama has a Twitter account. One of the most important aspects that this media can provide however, is getting information to people.

In the medical field we have seen social media take on a larger role each year in helping hospitals and health care providers connect with patients and get their messages across. Social media can be used for patient outreach and be a means to distribute helpful medical advice. Several Hospitals throughout the country are doing things such as broadcasting Emergency Room Wait times across their twitter feeds. While other medical facilities tweet and post fitness tips and daily diet meal plans.

Pittsburgh area Chiropractor Dr Christopher Webb uses his social media accounts to keep his patients up to date on the latest in the Back pain relief industry as well as current events occurring in his Washington Pennsylvania office. Dr. Webb’s followers can log in and expect to find tips for back pain relief as well as the latest news in the chiropractic field. Through his accounts he provides his patients with updates and information on the techniques employed at his office as well as information to keep them happy and healthy.

Dr Webb and Associates also uses posts and tweets to alert their followers as to when new information is available on their website such as industry white papers and health related articles. Followers can log on and take a tour of Dr. Webb’s office as well as learn the history of one of the oldest chiropractic practices in western Pennsylvania. To keep up to date on the latest news from Dr. Webb and Associates follow us on: Twitter | Facebook | Digg

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