Sports Injuries Can be a Pain in the Lower Back

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Every year in America millions of people suffer from back pain. Studies show that between 60 and 80 percent of the population will experience back pain sometime in their life. This pain can be a result of a number of issues ranging from muscle strains, which is the most common cause for lower back pain, to more serious problems such as a herniated disc or spinal stenosis. Anyone who has experienced back pain can attest to the issues that it causes for even the simplest daily task. A great way to limit the risk of back pain is to eat healthy and stay in shape, which a lot of people do through competing in their favorite sport or physical activity.

Whether you are just engaging in a weightlifting or a running program or you are participating in competitive sports, these activities are a great way to get in shape while getting exercise and having fun at the same time. By exercising your lower back you can increase your strength and flexibility which can lessen the force that is placed on your spine. What about the risk that these activities themselves place on our back and spine? These vigorous activities can put a great deal of stress on the back and cause injury to even the most finely tuned athlete.

One of the major reasons that problems continue to occur is due to the fact that people who enjoy these activities and compete in competitive sports are more likely to look past the warning signs and continue to participate either for the good of the team or there own personal satisfaction. They will take over the counter pain medication and push through the pain. They tend to convince themselves that the injury will be better after a few days and the pain will go away. This mentality can lead to a more serious injury and cause a longer recovery time.

So how do we get the exercise we need without increasing our risk for back pain? No matter how athletic and in shape you are, you may still experience back pain or injury. To start, the most important factor is to know your abilities and limitations. Most of these injuries can occur through overexertion. Whether it is the fact that our athletic abilities and skills have declined as we have aged or just adding another plate to show off in the gym, going beyond your limitations can enhance your risk of injury.

Also look for the warning signs. If you start to feel pain in your back, stop what you are doing and allow your back the proper time to recover before participating in the activity again. Most important is to perform activities that will increase the strength and flexibility in your back. These preventative measures can go a long way to lessen the risk for injury and keep you participating in the sports that you enjoy.

Back pain is one of the most common and most frustrating ailments in which a person can suffer from. It can affect our daily lives by limiting things that we do. Everything from doing the normal things we love such as exercise and hobbies to the simplest things such as going to work and tying our shoes can be affected by back pain. Back pain and injury can be prevented through proper care, eating healthy, and exercise. To learn more about back pain prevention contact Dr. Webb and Associates.

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