The McKenzie Method is One of the Most Effective Treatments for Patients with Back Pain

Every year more and more people are struggling to get through their days with a common affliction, back pain. Studies have shown that over 85% of Americans suffer from back pain, including upper back pain as well as lower back pain, at some point in their lives. Most do not know the cause of their back pain or what to do to help relieve their back pain. Some people choose to ignore the pain while others spend hundreds of dollars on over the counter pain relievers just to get through their day. For some, the pain will go away with rest, while others spend the rest of their lives trying to find relief.

Each year, leading doctors around the world are researching the causes and symptoms to try to solve this problem that has an impact on such a high percentage of the population. Through this research, several effective techniques have been developed to help relieve the growing problem of back pain. One of the most exciting techniques that has been developed to help patients alleviate their back pain is the McKenzie Method.

The McKenzie Method was developed in the late 1950’s by Robin McKenzie, a physical therapist from New Zealand for the treatment of lower back pain. The McKenzie Method is a technique of assessing, classifying, and treating patients based on their response to repeated movements. At the beginning of the treatment there is a thorough testing of movements to identify patterns of pain responses that can reflect the fundamental cause of the pain. By completing this evaluation the doctor can classify the patient’s issue as Postural Syndrome, Dysfunctional Syndrome, or Derangement Syndrome and determine the best treatment approach. The Postural syndrome occurs as of a result of prolonged poor posture that can affect joint surfaces. The Dysfunctional classification implies that there is some sort of adaptive shortening, scarring of adherence of connective tissue causing discomfort. The most common classification is the Derangement Syndrome and its trademark is sensitivity to certain movements and a preference for particular movement patterns. Based on what classification the patients falls into, the doctor will determine what McKenzie exercises will be most effective for relieving the patient’s pain.

The most important philosophy of the treatment is that it accentuates education in the causes and self management of pain, how to avoid reoccurrences, and the importance of posture and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. By performing McKenzie exercises, patients can minimize or put an end to their localized pain. Patients are often encouraged to perform daily prescribed McKenzie exercises.

The McKenzie Method is one of the many techniques that are used at the Pittsburgh chiropractor office of Dr. Webb and Associates. Dr. Chris Webb and Dr. Craig Colditz have both completed their McKenzie Lumbar Certification and are certified to provide this effective treatment to patients to help relive their lower back pain.

To learn more about the McKenzie Method or to schedule an appointment contact Dr. Webb and Associates.

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