A Thirteen Year Old Boy’s Struggle with Chronic Pain: Active Release Technique

Over the past 78 years the staff at Dr. Webb and Associates has seen thousands of patients come through their doors seeking the care and treatment of a wide range of ailments. Since 1933 Dr. Webb and Associates have been practicing the latest techniques and therapies to provide chiropractic care to the community. Being conveniently located in Washington, Pennsylvania has given residents from Pittsburgh, Washington, and the Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania Tri-State area quick access to the many techniques and treatments available at Dr. Webb and Associates. Over the years, many of these patients have shown up seeking Dr. Webb and Associates care when all other options have failed.

Jacob was just like every other kid his age. He was a thirteen year old boy full of energy. He enjoyed going to school where he was a straight A student and a member of Student Council. He looked forward to spring every year and the coming of a new baseball season. Then in August of 2009 something unordinary happened. Out of nowhere Jacob started to experience and excruciating pain in his abdominal region. His parents did not know what was going on. “We took Jacob to multiple specialists to try to find out why he was suffering with this pain and no one could give us any answers,” said Jacob’s mother.

After months of appointments resulting in no answers, it was finally determined that Jacob’s gallbladder was causing the issue. His gallbladder was removed in January 2010. Once Jacob came home from the hospital his pain had subsided. Jacob remained pain free for 10 months. His parents were relieved and thought Jacob was finally back to normal. In the fall of 2010, Jacob started to develop pain in his hips. Both of his parents were stunned. Just when they thought Jacob’s condition had been corrected, he took a turn for the worse. They were back in the same situation as before, going from doctor to doctor, specialist to specialist and receiving the same answer every time. Nobody could give them a reason why their son was suffering with this pain. Jacob was in Children’s Hospital in December of 2010. He started medication for the pain, but with no relief. He was on medication to address possible neuropathic pain through March of 2011 with a hospitalization again at Children’s Hospital in March – still no relief.

Jacob’s parents had one last option in which they placed all of their hope. They had heard about Dr. Webb and Associates and how they specialize in helping patients with chronic pain. They had nowhere else to turn. “When they came to our office, they were showing up out of desperation. They felt that they had nothing to lose and there was no one that could help them,” said Dr. Christopher Webb. Dr. Webb took the approach of looking at Jacob as a whole and not just focusing on the area that was thought to be causing his pain. In the first visit, Dr. Webb did a thorough evaluation and was able to identify that Jacob’s pain generator was his illiopsoas muscle and his diaphragm. He also discovered that because Jacob was compensating for this pain, his gate was off and this was causing the pain in his hips. Dr. Webb began to treat Jacob using Active Release Technique, in which he invested a great deal of time going through intensive training to become certified in ART. Active Release Technique is a soft tissue system/movement-based massage technique developed and patented by P. Michael Leahy, DC, CCSP. It is used to treat problems with tendons, muscles, fascia, ligaments, and nerves. Dr. Webb had to travel all over the world to receive this training, studying in cities such as Sydney, Australia and Toronto, Canada. Dr. Webb has witnessed the remarkable results that have been achieved first hand from ART. Due to the incredible results that Dr. Webb has seen, all members of the staff at Dr. Webb and Associates are certified in ART.

After just two treatments from Dr. Webb, Jacob’s parents finally got the answers and the results that they had been trying to obtain for so long. Jacob was pain free! During the time that he was suffering through his pain, Jacob had to take multiple medications just to get out of bed in the morning. Today, Jacob is happy and active once again. In the summer, Jacob can be found on the baseball diamond or volunteering at the local hospice agency. Thanks to the treatment that he received from Dr. Webb and Associates, he does it all without the help of any medication.

For more information about this technique and other treatments please contact Dr. Webb at (724) 225-2225 or feel free to email Dr. Webb and Associates at info@chirowebb.com.

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