Jean Webb From Washington Pennsylvania Places 1st in her Division

Jean Webb From Washington Pennsylvania Places 1st in her Division and at 72 is the Oldest Female Competitor to Complete the 2012 Nautica South Beach Triathlon

Miami Florida: On Sunday April 1, 2012 over 2,500 athletes took to the South Beach course to compete in the 2012 Nautica South Beach Triathlon. As one of the top athletic events in south Florida, the race drew athletes from over 21 countries to compete in the half mile ocean swim, 19 mile bike ride, and 4 mile run. The participants included many professional triathlon competitors along with numerous celebrities and corporate teams. Hundreds of spectators were on hand to watch the athletes compete in
the event that raised over $275,000 for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, one of the world’s premier centers for the research and treatment for pediatric cancer and other childhood diseases. First place in the men’s division went to Cameron Dye with a time of 1:49:22 followed by Andy Potts with a time of 1:49:38. The first women to finish were Sarah Haskins, posting a time of 1:58:57 followed closely by Nicole Kelleher with a time of 2:02:35.

Many will argue that the most impressive time posted in the event was 3:11:35 by Jean Webb. The most remarkable aspect of Jean’s time is that she is 72 years old. Mrs. Webb was the oldest female finisher of the over 2,500 athletes that competed in the race placing first in her division. Jean is from Washington, Pennsylvania, a small city with a population of 15,000 about 30 minutes south of Pittsburgh. This great Grandmother of three, grandmother of 11 and mother 5 has been enjoying running and being outdoors for over 30 years. When Jean started running after her children were born as a way to get back in shape, she had to purchase men’s running shoes because there were no female running shoes on the market. Since then she has enjoyed all the benefits that an active lifestyle has brought to her. Over the years Jean has completed two other triathlons and 9 marathons. This was the first year that Jean competed in the Nautica South Beach Triathlon. Jean said that the highlight of this triathlon was not only that she had the opportunity to compete in it beside two of her sons, Dr. Michael Webb of Somerset, Pennsylvania and Dr. Chris Webb of Washington Pennsylvania, but that so many of her family members made the trip to South Beach to cheer her on.

The idea to compete in the South Beach triathlon started when her son Chris gave his mom an unusual 71st birthday present, a private triathlon coaching lesson. While Jean has been running and competing for many years, the South Beach course presented some different challenges. “For me the most challenging part of the race was going to be the swim,” said Jean. “While I have competed in triathlons before, the difference with this one was the ocean. The ocean is an unpredictable entity and it is hard to know what it is going to be like until you get into it,” said Jean. Mrs. Webb trained for this part by swimming hundreds of laps at the local wellness center. All of that preparation paid off and on the day of the race Jean said the ocean cooperated as well. She knew once she finished the swim, it would be clear sailing the rest of the way to the finish line. With her family cheering her on, Jean crossed the finish line and completed her latest challenge.

As for what is next, Jean has no plans on quitting running anytime soon as she enjoys getting outdoors and the benefits of staying active.

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