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Back Pain at Work: Prevent Back Pain, A Leading Cause of Employee Absenteeism

Every day people across the country are putting their back at risk simply by going to work and most people do not even know it. While people who work in fields such as construction and landscaping understand the risks associated with the heavy lifting involved in their day to day jobs, it may not be […]

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Can Lack of Exercise and Obesity Lead to Back Pain?

Proper nutrition and exercise is a topic that is becoming more prevalent in the United States today. As the obesity rates in the country continue to rise, more research is being executed in an effort to determine what effect all of this extra weight is having on the American people. We know that being overweight […]

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Using Proper Form Will Help You to Get More Out Of Your Workout While Decreasing the Risk of Back Pain and Other Injuries

Over the past few years more and more people have started to pay greater attention to their health and fitness. As the obesity rate rises in the United States, it is causing people to reevaluate the way that they eat and the way that they take care of their bodies. One of the most effective […]

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Maintain Good Posture – Your Back Will Thank You For It.

Most of us remember being lectured by our parents or teachers as a young child about how you need to sit up straight in your chair and not slouch. Athough we sometimes thought that they were just giving us a hard time, research has shown that this could have been one of the best pieces […]

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The McKenzie Method is One of the Most Effective Treatments for Patients with Back Pain

Every year more and more people are struggling to get through their days with a common affliction, back pain. Studies have shown that over 85% of Americans suffer from back pain, including upper back pain as well as lower back pain, at some point in their lives. Most do not know the cause of their […]

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Take a Load Off – Help Avoid Back Pain, Knee Pain, and Stress on Joints

March 15, 2011 | By | Add a Comment

Could all of that extra weight you are carrying around be stressing your joints? The answer is YES, and in more than one way. You need to be aware of what you are doing and some of the simple causes of joint pain. In today’s world, it is easy to find yourself gaining weight as […]

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2011 Pittsburgh Marathon

Even as the snow keeps piling up outside and the cold weather has us bundling up every morning we must remember that winter is coming to a close and spring is just around the corner. As we look ahead we can finally start to see the finish line to this long and cold winter. After […]

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Sports Injuries Can be a Pain in the Lower Back

February 1, 2011 | By | Add a Comment

Every year in America millions of people suffer from back pain. Studies show that between 60 and 80 percent of the population will experience back pain sometime in their life. This pain can be a result of a number of issues ranging from muscle strains, which is the most common cause for lower back pain, […]

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